Morning Sickness Remedies

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Morning sickness, the hangover without the fun the night beforehand! Morning sickness is a misleading term as it can occur anytime of the day and last all day every day with symptoms ranging from mild nausea through to vomiting. You will not know if you will suffer from morning sickness until you get the symptoms.

 Some ways to alleviate morning sickness:

  • Eat small amounts every one or two hours to limit the build-up of stomach acid
  • Aim for small and easy to digest meals
  • Stick to bland, starchy foods, such as toast or biscuits
  • Place a biscuit or bland snack next to your bedside table to eat before you get out of bed
  • Avoid rich, fatty or spicy foods
  • Avoid acid drinks, such as fruit juices and just drink lots of water and herbal teas
  • Wear acupressure wrist bands (can be found in pharmacies to prevent motion sickness). These can be worn all the time
  • Take ginger, which is a known remedy for nausea, and can be found in tablet form and have a higher concentration of ginger than biscuits or tea
  • Rest as much as possible
  • Consult a doctor who can give you further advise

 Hope this helps in alleviating some of the dreaded morning sickness symptoms! Remember, its all for a good cause! 


Iron: The essential mineral

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How important is iron to a pregnant mummy-to-be? Iron is the mineral responsible for transporting oxygen around the body and is vital to a pregnant woman as it helps to build and maintain muscles in both the mother and the fetus.  During pregnancy, iron requirements are two to three times higher than normal. As a result, it is quite common for pregnant women to become iron deficient after the twentieth week of pregnancy, which can lead to anaemia.

Increasing your food intake of foods high in iron, including red meat, poultry, eggs and fish is paramount to help reduce the risk of iron deficiency. Meat contains compounds that facilitate iron absorption. Tea and coffee, which contains tannin, inhibits the absorption of iron if it is consumed during a meal or shortly after.

You will be tested for anaemia during your pregnancy, usually at the beginning of your pregnancy and around 28 weeks.  However, please do not self diagnose and consume iron supplements as over consumption of iron can damage organs such as the heart and liver. So ladies, eat a diet rich in iron  and eat your way to a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

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Meet Our Models

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Meet our Model ~ Stacy


How many weeks were you at the photo shoot?

36 weeks with my second baby

What have you enjoyed the most about being pregnant? 

Firstly, I have enjoyed feeling the kicks and movements since its not only a great bonding experience but its also fascinating and magical the process our bodies go through to create another life and what a blessing it is! Secondly, is the excitement and pure happiness my husband and son have for our beautiful baby and expanding our family. 

What was your favourite items of maternity clothing?

My favourite items that I could not live without are my Mavi Jean, Poppyseed Maternity tops (both work and casual) and my Poppyseed Maternity work pants. All of the clothing are great quality, stylish, classy and the material is durable and ultra soft. I could sleep in everything that’s how comfortable they are! 

Did you have any cravings this pregnancy?

My cravings are different from when I had my son. With my son I wanted a cheeseburger almost every day! With this baby, I crave something new almost every day. I guess if I had to pinpoint specific items it would be candy, chocolate, ice cream or a baked good. I definitely have had a sweet tooth.